Modern Zulu Mom's Guide to Setting Goals You Can *Actually* Stick To

Thando Naves
Want to come up with intentions that, for once, will stick? Here’s Modern Zulu Mom’s guide to setting achievable goals

Most people make intentions, or resolutions, to ring in a new year. Statistically, however, most people – a whopping 80% of them – have given up on these goals by the second week of February. 

The reason for this is because things don’t magically change, we have to want the change. Achieving your goals will take some hard work and resilience but trust me, the payoff is worth it! With that, here’s a guide to help you set intentions that you will *actually* stick to.

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1. Start With You

Spend some time getting to know yourself again. Who are you outside of the many hats that you wear and when you are not reacting to what’s happening in your environment? What does that woman want for herself?

Take some time thinking about what things make you feel good and truly alive when you are doing them, writing them down as you go. You may feel most energised by gardening, volunteering or collaborating with someone. Figure out what those things are and incorporate them into your goals. They will naturally motivate you because you enjoy doing them. Update this list throughout the year to reflect your favourite activities.

2. Reach Your #BodyGoals

Now, more so than ever before, we are aware of how important it is to be in good health. Try different ways to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into your lifestyle until you find what works best for you. Ditch the comparisons and you'll be more motivated to stick to your unique plan.

Also, give meal planning a try. It will save you both time and excuses when you need a healthy snack on-the-go. Plan social fitness activities, like hikes and pilates, with your girlfriends. These double up as your weekly catch-up sessions (and you wouldn’t want to miss those!). Get yourself a cute water bottle and comfortable workout sets that will motivate you to drink more H2O and get moving with confidence.

3. Find an Equally-motivated Accountability Partner

Your accountability partner should be someone that you can confide in and feel comfortable to share your goals with. It’s normal to fall behind on your intentions every now and then, so their role is to encourage you and give you a push when you are slacking. You may miss your blind spots, but this buddy will help to keep you focused throughout the year.

4. Plan Regular Breaks

Let’s face it, we lead very busy lives. But the reality is that rest is also productive, at least in the long-term. When we are well-rested, we can operate more productively and engage in our work more creatively.

So plan short quarterly vacays and longer seasonal breaks. Take full advantage of the public holidays that fall close to weekends as they present opportunities to recharge those batteries.

5. Get a Daily Dose of Motivation

Find daily doses of inspiration to keep you going. These could be as simple as listening to your favourite podcasts or audiobooks, looking at your vision board or reading your daily affirmations in front of the mirror. Identify what gives you allll the good vibes and make it a part of your daily routine.

6. Embrace Failure and Change

When you fail at a goal – or anything else for that matter – it is not the time to quit. We are all on a journey and the lessons we learn along the way are there to redirect and help us improve.

Be flexible and change the goal if it isn't working for you. What matters most is that you get back up each time and try again. Go on – make yourself proud!

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