How Gratitude Journaling Every Morning Can Help Raise Your Energy Levels and Combat Anxiety

Itumeleng Solar Baloyi
Need to bust anxiety and boost your energy levels? Gratitude journaling can help. Here’s how to do it for guaranteed inner calm 

Erykah Badu once said about journaling: ‘write it down on real paper, with a real pencil, with real intent and watch it get real. Spelling is a spell.’

She may not be a qualified therapist in most people’s eyes (chuckles while playing ‘Tyrone’), but her advice is, nevertheless, sound. Journaling has been gaining in popularity over the years as a wellness and mindfulness practice. People even host mindful journaling workshops in order to unlock the power of putting your feelings and intentions onto paper. So surely there must be something to it?

Getting to Grips with Gratitude

Since we are speaking about gratitude journaling specifically, let’s focus on what gratitude means, first. It is the quality of being thankful, towards others or the universe. Personally, I would add ‘yourself’ to that list as well!

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That’s the most incredible thing about gratitude – there is no limit to what you can be grateful for. You can *literally* be grateful for anything and everything under the sun.

Now if we think about gratitude in terms of energy, or vibrations, it’s pretty high up there. It has been proven to increase your frequency and, therefore, raising your vibrations and your energy. Yeah, I know you have come across those captions on your social media, ‘vibrate higher’ they say. And it sounds cute and all, but what does it actually mean to ‘vibrate higher’? Well, practising gratitude is exactly that, y’all!

Let’s break it down some more! You are made up of a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body that carries a certain frequency. This frequency is affected by everything that you come into contact with, from the music that you listen to, to the people you spend time with and even the food that you eat. And depending on how well you are taking care of yourself in relation to all these things, that frequency will vibrate high or low. Good vibes versus bad vibes!

Okay, so what does journaling have to do with all this ‘vibes’ talk? Journaling is a very intentional act of raising your vibration. When you take the time to sit down and essentially pour your feelings out onto paper, it’s an act of self-love. You are taking the time to listen to yourself and release. You are letting yourself know, ‘I care about how you feel, sis!’ Isn’t that sweet?

itumeleng solar balyoi, influencer, wellness, journaling, journalling, journal, gratitude, diary, mental health, shine club, shine club wine

Starting Your Journaling Journey

Personally, it took me a while to get into journaling as I preferred voicing my feelings rather than writing them down. So, off the bat, I want to ask you to be gentle with yourself through this practice. We don’t want you becoming more anxious because you don’t want to get it wrong, okay? This is an opportunity to be kind to yourself, so no judgement!

You are going to need a notebook that will be solely dedicated to journaling and nothing else. You will also need a pen and to carve out time and space dedicated to writing. You can start each day by acknowledging and writing the date and time, like how we used to write our love letters in school (you know what I’m talking about, LOL!). This will give you an opportunity to look back someday and see your growth. You can then start your journaling by writing down at least five things that you are grateful for. And then continue with, ‘Today, I feel…’

Simple, right? Now go out there and don’t be afraid to feel (or forget to write it down!).

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