5 Things You Can Do to Practice Better Self-care

Thando Naves
If you’re a mom, you know how difficult it is to incorporate self-care into your life. Here are 5 tips from #momfluencer, Thando Naves, on how to do it

If we’re being honest, #momlife can be chaotic – but in the most rewarding way. Quite late into my parenting journey, I realised that looking after myself is just as important as looking after my babies. And yes, sometimes a full-on self-care routine with all the trimmings is impossible, but there are a few simpler things you can do to show yourself some tender love and care. Because you deserve it, mama!

1. Start Your Day With a Moment to Yourself

Wake up half an hour earlier than your family. This isn’t time to clean up the house, but rather to get some quiet alone-time. You can use this time to have your tea or coffee, read, stretch, listen to a podcast or set your intentions for the day by journaling.

Practising gratitude journaling is such a good practice for the mind. Your emotional wellbeing plays an important role in your ability to show up as the best mom and person you can be while also caring for yourself. Reflect on all the good things in your life to set a positive tone for the day ahead.

2. Do a Social Media Clean-up

We often don’t realise the impact that our social media feeds have on us. And we are all guilty of mindless scrolling and comparing ourselves to others online. Time for a detox!

Clean up your feed by unfollowing any accounts that don’t inspire you or make you feel good. Also, don’t forget to delete any apps that are not useful to you and take regular social media breaks to allow yourself time to live in the moment.

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3. Watch Your Night-time Routine

Get the kids to help you tidy up before bed (because a cluttered space is always a reminder of all the things you need to do!).

Once they are down for the night, make yourself a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea and *officially* unplug from the day. Switch off your devices, like your television and cellphone, an hour before you intend to go to bed and use the time to catch up with your partner, dig into a book or any other activity you find relaxing.

Don’t forget to get at least six to seven hours of sleep so that you can function at your best.

4. Have a Solo Ritual

Incorporate a weekly or monthly solo ritual into your plans. This could be as simple as a coffee date by yourself, buying yourself flowers, taking a class for a skill you really want to learn or making time to brainstorm your new passion project.

Planning your ‘me time’ in advance will give you something to look forward to, regardless of how your week or month is going.

5. Ask for Help When You Need It

Part of self-care is acknowledging that you can’t be everything to everyone, even your own children. Being able to ask for help is empowering; it shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed to do.

It also allows your children to get to know other close caregivers and gives you a little more room to take care of everything that’s on your plate.

Remember to give yourself credit for all the amazing things you are doing. Sometimes all you have is a few moments to ground yourself and boost your wellbeing. Those moments matter – so use them. And never forget to fill up your own cup first, mama!

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