10 ‘Me-time’ Activities to Help You Beat Fatigue

Thando Naves
If you haven’t been prioritising yourself, stop what you’re doing! Here are 10 ‘me-time’ activities you can do right now for some much-needed self-care

We can all agree that there are times when our energy is depleted, and ‘me-time’ is the last thing on our minds. The reality is that not taking some time out makes it that much harder to function. Time alone is essential in maintaining mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and if we're being honest here, everybody around you benefits from it! Here are 10 ‘me-time’ activities that will help you beat fatigue like a #boss.

1. Unplug

There is a certain pressure that comes with being online. It could be dealing with your work emails or spending loads of time trying to get the perfect selfie for social media. Instead, try ditching the devices every so often and do something that makes you happy. You'll instantly feel some weight lifted off your shoulders.

2. Solo Date

Just in case you were wondering, the quick lunch you gobble down at your work station doesn't count! Pick a spot that you've never been to and treat yourself to a solo meal at a bougie restaurant. Take your time with this one – you deserve some calm. I’ll take one of everything on the menu, thanks!

3. Be Creative

Painting is known to be a stress reliever as it allows one to experience clarity and is a great way to express yourself. It may seem a little far out, but trust me! Get some paint and paper out and get those creative juices flowing.

4. Take a Nap

The thing about ‘me-time’ is that it doesn't have to be something big or require any movement. Something as simple as taking a nap can help you to recharge and refresh. A healthy amount of sleep will help you keep on top of your game, so seize every opportunity you can to get some shut-eye.

5. Treat yourself

It's really important to show yourself the same amount of love as you do your family and your work. This is what we call self-love, and it’s important in keeping your bond with yourself strong. Buy yourself something you've always wanted – you are worthy of some spoiling, queen!

6. Take a Walk

Sometimes we go into work overdrive which can become overwhelming. When this happens, try going for a walk to get some fresh air into your lungs. It will do wonders to clear your mind.

7. Run a Bath

Bubble baths are known to be physically and mentally beneficial. The steam in your bath can soothe aching muscles, improve blood flow and circulation and help you wind down before going to bed. Fill a bathtub, light some candles and play soft music; this is the perfect time to reflect and relax.

8. Get a Pedicure

Self-care always has a feel-good factor to it. And when we look good, we feel good! Take yourself on a trip to the nail bar and get yourself a pedicure with a glass of wine of the side for sipping. Thank me later. 

9. Read a Book

When last did you read something you actually *wanted* to read (in other words, not the hundreds of boring work tasks you’ve been looking at all week!)? Reading will reduce your stress levels and help you fall asleep much faster, not to mention take you on an entertaining escape from reality.

10. Go on a Weekend Staycation

‘Me-time’ activities don’t only have to happen in the confines of your home. Plan a trip away somewhere and go exploring. The thing about a change of scenery is that you get some time not only to destress but to recover before getting back to reality and tackling life with a rested body and a restored mind.

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