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Stylist Lufuno Sathekge Shows Us How to Transform a Basic Bandana 3 Fun Ways

Lufuno Sathekge
This season’s it-accessory is defs something you already own – a bandana! Here are three different ways to wear it to level-up your style game

What's that one accessory we all have but seldom use anywhere except for on our head? The silk scarf or bandana. I, for one, know that I have quite a few but hardly ever use them to their full potential. So I challenged myself to come up with creative ways to style my favourite scarf. Here are four cute ways to style a bandana as a top. Get ready to stand out (and save on packing space)!

1. The Chunky Chain Halter Top

Lufuno Sathekge fashion style bandana scarf shine club wine

With a chunky necklace around your neck, grab opposite corners of the scarf, slip them through the chain and knot them together to form a triangle. Grab the ends of the triangle and tie them into a knot at the back. Hide the knot on the neck by tucking it inside and then tuck the bottom of the scarf into your high-waist denim shorts. Style with a pair of chunky heels, hoop earrings and a top-handle bag and you are ready for sundowners at the bar. Alternatively, you can wear it with flat gladiator sandals and a woven bag.

2. The Sweetheart-neckline Crop

Lufuno Sathekge fashion bandana scarp crop top style shine club wine

For this style, you need to wear a bandeau top. Fold the scarf into a triangle with the wider part at the back. Wrap the ends into the bandeau top to hide your base and secure the bandana. Tuck the extra fabric into the bandeau top and you'll have a flirty, sexy micro crop top. This is my favourite style as it allows you to turn the scarf into a fancy bikini top that you can wear under an open white linen shirt with denim shorts or on its own with a wrap skirt. You can accessorise this look with delicate necklaces, a cross-body bag and cool earrings with your hair in an upstyle or side-swept.

3. The ‘90s-style Triangle Boob Tube

Lufuno Sathekge shine club wine fashion style bandana scarf boob tube

This is the easiest style of them all. Fold your scarf into a triangle and tie the ends at the back. Tuck the ends in to create a clean finish and there you have it – a triangle boob tube that radiates ‘90s girl-band vibes! Rock your bandana with a pair of vintage jeans and add a chunky necklace, some hoop earrings and a mini bag for a solid retro look.

Top tip: These looks obviously expose your shoulders, and the last thing you want is an old bra strap ruining your look. Instead, wear a bandeau top or strapless bra underneath.

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