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Lufuno Sathekge's 3 New Ways to Style Your Ordinary, Button-down White Shirt

Lufuno Sathekge
Your basic button-down white shirt can be worn in a variety of ways to suit any occasion. Lufuno Sathekge shows us how

Ask anyone that considers themselves to be a style fiend what the one wardrobe staple everyone should have is and they will most likely say a button-down white shirt. The versatility of this basic piece knows no bounds. It can take you from the office to the bar or from brunch to the beach, depending on how you style it.

We live in a time where sustainable fashion is at the centre of all new and emerging trends and the button-down serves as the perfect sustainable fashion piece as you can style it in a variety of ways to suit different looks and occasions. Did anyone say more bang for your buck?! Here are three different and modern ways to style a white shirt, as well as how to accessorise each look.

1. The Rihanna-inspired Off-the-shoulder Shirt

rihanna inspired white shirt look shine club wine

With your shirt loose and the three top buttons open, fold the collar back and slide the shirt off your shoulders. Tuck the shirt into your jeans and neatly smooth out the folds to expose your décolletage. You can elevate the look by adding a choker and accessorising with a pair of high heels and a mini structured handbag. This look is perfect for date night with bae because it’s sexy without trying too hard.

2. The Low Back

low back white shirt woman jeans shine club wine

With your shirt unbuttoned and back to front, tuck the collar in and fold it in at the back. Pull the ends of your shirt and tie them into a knot at the back. Tuck your shirt into your jeans in front and fold the sleeves to create a classy-yet-sassy low-back and high-neck blouse. Add a chunky necklace, a pair of block heel sandals and a chain handbag for cocktails or brunch with the girls.

3. The Tiana-Taylor-inspired Triangle Crop


This is probably my favourite style. Button your shirt all the way up, leaving three or four of the bottom buttons undone. Fold the ends of the shirt and pull them back to create a triangle crop top. Knot the ends together at the back and tuck them into the inside of the shirt. Accessorise this look with a chunky chain, some cool sneakers and a belt bag and you're ready for that live performance or night out in the city.

These are just three of the *many* different ways you can style a basic white shirt, and proof that you can get maximum value for money without compromising on style using one staple item in your wardrobe. Now go conquer summer, girl, look you AH-mazing!






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*Top Tip Got a wine spill on your white shirt? Don’t freak out! Instead, put some white vinegar over the area, which will neutralise the red and purple pigments. Straight after applying the vinegar, rub some detergent into the area and wash in hot water. Voilà!

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