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How to Host a Clothing Swap Party and Not Spend Any Money on a Brand New Wardrobe

Helen Wallace
Need a new ‘fit but don’t have the cash? Here’s how to host a clothing swap party with your network (oh, and there’s wine, obvs!)

Need a new lewk but feeling the financial pinch? You can still get a fab new ‘fit without having to fork out a cent by hosting a clothing swap party.

Say what now?

A swap party is a get-together where people bring their no-longer-worn clothes and swap with other guests. They are becoming more and more popular as they are the ideal way to freshen-up your style for free. Even celebrities and influencers are hosting them! And you don’t just save money, but are also doing your bit to reduce your consumption, making swap parties good for your purse and the planet! With so much waste being generated by the fashion industry, giving an item a second chance before it ends up polluting the environment is just one small way you can make a difference (and spread awareness at the same time).

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Another huge benefit of hosting a clothing swap party is that it gives you a chance to declutter and clean out your closet. So if you’ve been holding on to those designer jeans that *just don’t fit* for faaaar too long, or you’ve been eyeing up your fashionable friends’ wardrobes and want to – finally – gain access and steal their style, now’s your chance! Here’s how to host the perfect ‘shopping’ experience at home.

1. Get Those Invites Out ASAP!

Not only do you want the gals on your guest list to be available but you also want to give them time to prepare. Getting the word out early will give guests time to sort through their wardrobes thoroughly to locate any hidden gems that might become your next best look.

2. Compile a Size-inclusive Guest

List If there are only one or two people at your event that are similar in size, they will be very limited in what they can swap. Instead, create a list that includes ladies of all shapes and sizes so that there are options for everyone. Some items might only require minor adjustments to be the perfect fit.

3. Be Clear About Quality and Quantity

There might be some people who view your swap party as an opportunity to switch out old, worn threads for fresh ones. Avoid this by being clear in your invitation on what condition the clothes should be in (tears, rips and broken zips? No thanks!) and how many items they should bring.

4. Create the Ideal ‘Shopping’ Space

Make sure that there are enough tables for displaying clothing, as well as chairs for guests. Set the mood by putting on a playlist of some popular jams. Putting out some snacks and Shine Club Wine (in all three variants so that all the girls are catered for) will also encourage guests to mingle for longer.

5. Set Up a Fair System

People love free stuff. So, if your swap party is going to be on the larger side, you should definitely create a system so that things are fair and one person doesn’t leave with everything. Ask guests to draw numbers to divide them into smaller groups, who can go in sessions to scope out the goods.

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