These Local, Women-led Podcasts are the Perfect Listening Material, According to Ms LeloB

Lelo Boyana
Looking for some new listening material? Here are 8 podcasts led by local women that Ms LeloB recommends

I started listening to podcasts at the beginning of 2018. I had become bored with what was on offer on the radio, and I wanted to use my hourly commute each day to consume content that broadens my perspective. And once I started, it was as if I was unlocking a whole new world of interesting information and entertainment.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations was the first podcast I listened to. From there, I got sucked into many other good ones, like the popular Yes, Girl!, Serial and Modern Love. But as much as I enjoyed them, something was missing. I needed to hear voices closer to home, South African voices, and as a content creator at heart, I was inspired to start my own podcast.

My obsession with podcasting has a lot to do with its flexibility. You can listen to them anywhere, at any time and for however long you want to. Perfect for us multitaskers! And because I know that the struggle is real when it comes finding good local podcasts, I’ve put together this list that you should listen to. You won’t be sorry!

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1. CHICA Travel with Lelo

What would a South African podcast list be without the mentioning the number-one travel podcast in the country? This show, which is hosted by yours truly, is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know on how to make your travels fabulous.

2. Womanity - Women In Unity

I enjoy Womanity mainly for the diversity of Dr Amaleya Goneos-Malka’s guests. In her show, she introduces us to incredible women who are doing important work but don’t often get the recognition and spotlight they deserve. It’s an important platform for Womandla!

3. TV&R

In this eye-opening podcast, actress and radio host, Thando Thabethe, takes us behind the scenes of the South African media industry. If you’re interested in getting to know more about how to get ahead in the creative arts, then Thando’s TV&R is your plug.

4. The Sit Down with Olwethu Leshabane

If you’re looking for a podcast that speaks to modern women and all the issues we face in society, then this one is for you. Olwethu – and her interesting guests – share their insights on various topics, and her curiosity and charm make The Sit Down really relatable and a joy to listen to.

5. Baby Brunch: The Parenting Series

This podcast is home to meaningful, honest and real-life discussions on everything around parenting. It is hosted by seasoned radio host and media personality, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp – a mom herself – and she doesn’t shy away from awkward topics.

6. The Workplace Revolution with Sihle Bolani

Sihle Bolani is an influential voice for the empowerment of black talent in the workplace. In her informative podcast, she chats to women who are passionately transforming corporate culture and the overall wellbeing of black women, both at work and in life.

7. Sisterhood of The Travelling Mgowo 

Adulting is hard. But you ain’t gotta go through it alone because Sinesipho Ngcayiya and Mixo Mathebula have got your back! This dynamic duo talks about all the things young black women are faced with. They’re bold, relatable and you’ll have fun listening to them – I promise!

8. She Brigade

Pelontle Mosimege interviews trailblazing Mzansi women about their personal journeys and careers in this inspiring podcast. And trust me, these episodes will provide you with all the inspiration you need to tackle life's personal and professional challenges.

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