Editor’s Picks from the Self-care Issue

Holly Meadows
The Shine Club Self-care Issue has landed! Editor, Holly Meadows, shares her top picks as well as how to show yourself some serious self-love
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It’s our second edition of Shine Club and this time we’re spotlighting self-care. Because, let’s be honest, this last year has been really (and I mean really) tough on all of us. And, if I’ve realised one thing during the pandemic it’s that me-time, the type that includes lots of wine and a long hot bubble bath with a really good book, is as important as ticking off that to-do list at work.

One of my favourite sayings goes something along the lines of: “You can’t possibly love someone else until you love yourself.” I truly believe this. But, I also know that self-love is no easy feat. Many of us have body insecurities we battle with, and it certainly isn’t helped by a world of facial tuning apps, edited selfies and entirely unrealistic beauty standards. And many of us battle with our mental health, whether it be anxiety, depression or episodes of severe self-doubt and loathing.

I find comfort in the brave army of women who are coming forward with messages of acceptance, support and encouragement of how we see, feel and own our bodies and beings. One of these is our cover star; actress, media personality and author Bonnie Mbuli. In our exclusive and candid cover feature, she opens up about her struggles with mental health and her tips for recovery and self-love. Spoiler alert: Sisterhood, and finding strength in the women that surround us, is key!

“Women are always being pitted against each other and forced to compare ourselves. So, to me, sharing the shine means celebrating somebody else and their successes,” says Bonnie.

Read Bonnie’s Tips For Self Care, Sisterhood and Having Fun With Your Gyals.

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And remember, there will be times when we are plagued by our insecurities. But instead of hiding and letting it get the better of you I urge you to talk about it, share it with your bestie, your sister or your mom, and let’s be each other’s cheerleaders for self-love.

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