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How to Host a Skills Exchange (Over Wine, ofc!) With the Girls

Kim Nokwaza
Looking for a way to #sharetheshine? How about hosting a wine exchange with the girls? Here’s how to do it

How cool would it be to get your fence mended for the price of taking someone’s dog for a walk? Joining a skills exchange means you can swap a few hours of your time doing something you’re good at for services you would otherwise have to pay hundreds of rands for. Better yet, why not start a skills exchange club with your girls? You’ll not only get certain jobs done, but you’ll also save some of your hard-earned cash. Yaas!

Apart from saving you a small fortune, a skills exchange can be even more rewarding than that. The social side of it is also an important aspect. Think of it as building a community within your friendship circle and empowering each other to do things you’re really good at.

What Makes a Skills Exchange So Great?

Joining, or hosting, a skills exchange is a cost-effective way to learn not just personal skills but professional ones as well, so you can boost your life and your career. As a young professional, you could consider learning skills you see in job postings that are in high demand or ones that can make your working life easier. This, in turn, can help you to secure your dream job or position and grow as an individual.

How to Host a Skills Exchange

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is gather up your like-minded, growth-orientated girlfriends. Make sure that the group is as diverse as possible so that there is a wide range of practical and interesting skills to be shared among the group.
  2. Everyone must be comfortable that an hour of their time is equal to an hour of someone else’s – irrespective of how senior or junior the roles may seem. Everyone is there to learn and all skills should be met with equal respect.
  3. The physical skills exchange doesn’t have to happen at the wine-filled event. You can arrange for a day that suits both or all parties and, if you offer them an hour of your time, you get an hour’s worth of credit which you can exchange at your discretion.
  4. It’s important to set up a way of staying in touch. Create a communication group through an official social media or messaging platform and establish how you will keep track of credits, whether it’s through physical tokens or electronic records.

Tips for Hosting a Skills Exchange at Home

  • Because a home has limited capacity when compared with a function venue, move some furniture around to create an open space. Also, consider the type of skills your girls will be bringing to that table and factor that into your set-up.
  • Suggest the type of skills that will work in a home environment. You can’t learn to drive in your lounge, but you can learn some DIY basics, beauty tips and tricks or even learn a new language. Mzansi has 11 to choose from!
  • Make sure that there are plenty of refreshments on hand. It’s hard for anyone to learn new things when they are hungry (or thirsty!) so keep the snacks and the wine flowing for maximum fun and engagement.

So, what are you waiting for?! Call your girls up today to start sharing your skills and learning something new.

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