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14 Kind Gestures to Pass On to Other Women for Good Deeds Day

Helen Wallace
It’s Good Deeds Day on 11 April. Here are some easy, but thoughtful, ways for you to spread the love

On 11 April, the world celebrates Good Deeds Day. But what exactly is it? Each year, people unite from countries across the globe to do good deeds for people and the planet. It is about recognising that we all have the power to make a positive impact on others through gestures of goodwill. Kind acts don’t have to cost you anything, either. Sometimes just a greeting and a smile are enough to brighten someone’s day!

This ‘movement’ is based on the ‘pay it forward’ mentality. The hope is that if someone does something nice for you, that you do something nice for someone else, starting a chain reaction in the hopes of making kindness the norm.

Each year more and more people, from individuals to corporates, participate in Good Deeds Day, which is encouraging. But being kind and sharing the love doesn’t have to be limited to one specific day. Here are 14 easy gestures that you can pass on to other women – or anyone, for that matter – to make their lives easier or just make them feel good!

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1. Share something meaningful on social media. You never know who that inspirational quote or heartfelt caption is going to motivate today!

2. Greet passersby more often. It costs nothing to smile and greet those we pass in the street, and people like to feel seen and acknowledged.

3. Donate your old clothes and household goods. Selling them might be tempting, but there are many impoverished people who could benefit from them.

4. Offer to run errands for the pensioners in your community. If you are going to the shops, ask them if there is anything you can get for them to save them a trip.

5. Bring a tasty treat to work for your colleagues. Nothing gets people excited about being at the office quite like a surprise snack (bonus points if it’s a sweet and sugary one!).

6. Offer your seat to someone on public transport. Sure, sitting is far more comfortable, but pregnant women and the elderly should take preference.

7. Try to focus and listen when people are talking. We can all get carried away and interrupt, but try to be attentive and hear people out when they are speaking.

8. Start complimenting people more regularly, especially other women. Telling a friend, or even a stranger, that her outfit is incredible will defs brighten their day!

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9. Leave an appreciative sticky note. This can be for a colleague, friend or your partner, and is a way of reminding them how valuable they are to you.

10. Message a friend or family member to ask how they are. We often forget to contact those we care about until we need something. Don’t be that person!

11. Go and donate some blood, if you can. It might seem scary, but there is always a need for blood to treat trauma victims. Yours could end up saving someone’s life!

12. Give your leftovers to a homeless person. Yes, you could have eaten them for lunch tomorrow, but who knows where their next meal is coming from?

13. Instead of fuelling gossip, say something nice. We can all get sucked into the drama, but rather than contributing with something negative, say something positive.

14. Remember to say ‘thank you’ to people. Not only is it good manners, but a way of showing appreciation for what they have done for you, big or small.

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